Antyhacker is the key to your privacy!

Hackers can  watch you through your webcam!
Installed program on your computer can turn it on and upload photos or videos to any server on the Internet. Then, the images form detailed plans of offices, apartments, your entire environment! A hacker with these photographs recognize your documents, read confidential reports, can review the distribution of the rooms.
100% protection from watching provides physical covering your laptop webcam!
Antyhacker a permanent protection against hackers, obscures the camera and protects your privacy.
Product quality, design patented, European production.

Universal dimensions

Ultra thin construction, practical design. It fits to any laptop.
Dimensions: 33mm x 14mm x 0,7mm

Ideal promotional - advertising product

Marking in full color on the entire surface independent of the antyhacker's color.
The product builds brand image by placing graphics and/or company logo on the product.
Packing, individual or collective.
Normally antyhacker is packed with the information card in the foil package.
Customize the card to your liking, use double-sided surface and advertise your business.
Card size: 55mm x 85mm
Show that the protection is not indifferent to you!

Easy to use

Antyhacker consists of two parts and is easy to install on any laptop or monitor.
Remove the tape, adjust opened curtain on the webcam and press precisely and firmly.

You decide when someone is watching!

Exposed and obstruct the webcam when you want to protect your privacy and environment!

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