The only model with which you can close your laptop

As the only company on the market we have a patented Antyhacker model, with which you can easily close and open your laptop without having to dismantle the cover.

We have achieved the innovation of our cover through ultra-thin building construction and the use of micro-guides, which perfectly uncover and cover the webcam.

90% of our clients selflessly recommend us to others


100% of customers confirm the quality of the Antihacker


70% of customers re-order



We have achieved the innovation of our cover through ultra-thin construction and the use of micro-guides.


Antyhacker fits all computer models, monitors and tablets.


The product is made of very durable, impact-resistant plastic, additionally protected with ABS.


Antyhacker is a digital and modern gadget on which you can print your own vision of printing.

Universal dimension

Dimensions: 30.00mm (length) x 13.50mm (width) x 0.7mm (thin).

Available in black and white.

We like quality 🙂

1. The product is made of very durable, impact-resistant plastic, additionally protected by ABS coating, with a high coefficient of graininess.

2. The patented microfibers effectively block any image transmission.

3. Micro-guides allow for perfect opening and covering of the webcam, thanks to which you can decide when you will be using webcamers on your computer.

4. The use of 3M double-sided self-adhesive foil eliminates spontaneous detachment of the curtains.

You no longer need to use disposable overlays or non-permanent stickers, our cover is universal and very durable :).

Get useful information

  • We execute single or recurring orders.
  • We will keep your file from the previous implementation, so that you do not have to pay again for the prepress:)

Do you already know this feeling when you know that you are not peeking with Antychacker?

Information / advertising card

Customize the card to your needs, use the double-sided surface of the card and promote your business.


1. We print double-sided in full color on chalk paper 350g/m²

2. Dimensions of the card: 55,00mm x 85,00mm

3. We are creative, we have a lot of ideas, thanks to which you will reach the most valuable customers with our product.

4. You can also give an anti-hacker friends and acquaintances.


Contact us, we will tell you on which events and festivities you can use our Antyhacker.


Take a look at the gallery and see our realizations

Ordering process

1. Download the PDF file

2. Customize your project

3. Send us your project

4. We manufacture and deliver


Download the template to properly prepare the design of your Antyhacker.

Antyhacker template

Card template - vertical layout

Card template - horizontal layout


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Do you know that you can not survive on the net without Antyhacker?