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Sliding curtain made of sugar cane, corn and PLA plastic

Ecological curtain model 4

High-quality ecological and biodegradable, patented product made of PLA plastic of natural origin (sugar cane and corn).
The material used has a special density and grain meets safety standards.
Patent No.: US D898,806 S, Patent No.: 005618345-001



The veil is smaller than model 3

Privacy in the digital world
Choose ecological protection
for your data

Our patented cap slides easily and is ultra-thin. After installing the curtains, we will completely close, but not close, the laptops.
It's not just a gadget, it's a patented product that will protect our surroundings and us from being spied on.
Additionally, the curtain has a perfectly smooth ABS surface, thanks to which it does not scratch screens or peel off.
The sliding part of the curtain is not divided, so the print covers the entire surface of the cap. 

Cover up camera - 
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The main purpose of webcam covers is to protect the user's privacy by blocking access to the camera when it is not in use.
Webcams are used by hackers to unauthorized monitor or record users, especially if they are remotely accessible.

Covers provide a physical way to prevent unauthorized access to the camera, even if your computer has been hacked or infected with malware.
This curtain model is made of PLA plastic, derived from sugar cane and corn.
It is a material dedicated to security with a special density and granularity that guarantees complete privacy.
#Application of #Personalized Protection
The use of webcam covers is unlimited. An innovative gift to give away at fairs, trainings, conferences or events. They can also be a perfect gift for a loved one who values privacy and security online.
Thanks to personalization, they will be the perfect gadget to promote your company. We will print on the cap and information and advertising card according to your individual design. This is a perfect combination that will attract the attention of recipients and effectively build brand recognition.
ekologiczna zaślepka
ekologiczna zaślepka
ekologiczna zaślepka
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