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To start with, good news From the moment you start using our Antyhacker, you'll be able to surf safely on the Internet, download files and save confidential data :)

From January 2016, we have launched a unique product on the Polish market, a cover for the webcam, that protects us from viewing, monitoring and downloading our confidential files.

Every internet user should have a cover for the webcam.

We are the exclusive distributor of the company's products SECUFERRO B.V. in Poland, for which we hold the copyright.

„Every fifth European will cover his webcam for fear of spying"

Source: Kaspersky Lab

Be vigilant - it's not a fad!

With our Antyhacker you can easily shut down and open your laptop without having to dismantle the cover.

Familiarize yourself with the valuable details that confirm the high quality of our Antyhacker.

Antyhacker is not just a dud

This is a high quality professional, safe and patented product.
Patent No.: 003566330-001,
Patent No.: 003279738-001.

Fits all models of computers and tablets

When designing a cover, we also thought about all users of the latest desktop models, where there are several cameras or speakers.

We have also not forgotten about Mobile users :)

We have a Mobile Camera Blocker that fits every phone.
Micro fibers will effectively block the total transmission of the image.

Practical for companies and individuals

Our product fits perfectly in both business and personal look :) On our Antyhacker you print your own vision of printing.

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